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Here is where you can find answers to all your questions about membership! Find out about some wide-ranging subjects such as: the history of; what makes us different from other online directories; how we protect your privacy.

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Is just another directory?
Who formed
What's the story?
Can anyone advertise on
Why small businesses, charities, community groups and public organisations? membership

What does membership include?
How much does membership cost?
What is the catch?

How works

How do search engines find my listing?
You only mention Google, what about the other search engines?

In terms of visitor numbers, Google is the undisputed "king" of the traditional search engines and we believe this will remain the case for a long time yet.

However, good search engine optimisation results from good website design. If you have designed a website (or page) using sound principles, then the chances are all the major search engines will like it! So, whilst we have concentrated on Google, by using good design, your listing will also appeal to the other search engines.

What is search engine optimisation?
Won't my listing appear below everyone who joined before me?

Legal stuff

How will you use/protect my information?
What are your terms and conditions?